Wireshark distribution

There should be no need to use the version below as Wireshark now fully supports keys for Zigbee IP and Thread.

Here is a link to the Wireshark build for Windows (svn 47653, February 14 2013)

Here also is a link to a patch file for differences between svn 47653 for those building from source.

Release notes for Gridmerge-47653:

  • General update release to synchronize with the latest SVN version
  • Two keys and associated key index can be entered for 802.15.4 and MLE keys to allow decoding of key update and switch

Notable features:

  • Incorporates the HMAC_SHA256 operation for the 802.15.4 and MLE keys for ZigBee IP. This is selected using a checkbox titled "ZigBee IP hashed key" in the IEEE 802.15.4 and MLE protocol preferences. If the checkbox is checked, the hashed key will be used, otherwise the key as displayed will be used verbatim
  • Supports two keys and associated key index for 802.15.4 and MLE. This is an interim addition prior to implementing this properly using UATs
  • Support for PANA relay according to RFC 6345, support for MLE (version 03) and also support for PANA extensions for encryption encapsulation

The enumerations used for PANA are as follows:

  • PANA-Relay message: 5
  • PaC-Information AVP: 10
  • Relayed-Message AVP: 11
  • Encryption-Algorithm AVP: 12
  • Encryption-Encap AVP: 13

Older versions available on request.